I’m so proud of my sister, @anncmoller, for the recent unveiling of her first group offering, Making it Real. ::: If you have a voice to share and a vision but have historically struggled with getting down to brass tacks and bringing it into fruition, this is for you. ::: This is a unique opportunity to work with my sister who’s brilliant at eliciting the best creative work out of her clients. She doesn’t call herself a muse for nothing. ::: (She’s responsible for calling some of my best ideas out of me and cheering me on to get them out there.) ::: This is a 3 month incubator for a very small group. She only has 10 spots and registration closes July 24th. ::: You’ll take one idea and, well, make it real with the support, accountability, and strategy from Ann and the group. ::: Get all the details at the link in my profile. (https://annmollerthemuse.com/making-it-real) ::: What vision do you have that you want to make real? Tell me in the comments!

🌻🌾 ONLY A FEW Harvest Blessings ritual candles are left in the Blackthorn & Rose shop! Once they are gone, they are GONE! . . . 🌹www.blackthornandroseshop.com🌹 . . . 🌻🌾The harvest season fall when the Earth is fruitful and abundant and the crops are ripened and bountiful. This is the season to powerfully affirm the reverence for the Earth's natural cycles of birth, death, and renewal. Nature's bounty, the greatest gift of the Earth, gives us many reasons to be thankful this time of year! This is a sacred time for us to express our deepest gratitude for the Earth's bountiful blessings, when we can reflect and look at what we have accomplished so far, and see if we have been true to ourselves. . . . 🌻🌾Our limited edition HARVEST BLESSINGS ritual candle is a handmade double layer ritual candle loaded with cinnamon, marigold, chamomile, allspice, corn, and wheat to use in your spiritual practices to welcome abundant positive energy, blessings, and warmth into your home during the autumn season! Handcrafted on the New Moon, blessed during a sacred ritual and charged with citrine, carnelian, and clear quartz crystals for maximum power and potency! Our sacred sabbat offerings are created to make your holiday extra magical and to help you beautifully celebrate and work with the energy, cycles, and seasons of the Earth. . . . #witchy #harvest #blessings #ritual #magick #candle #lammas #lughnasadh #witches #sabbat #wheeloftheyear #paganism #metaphysical #occult #witchcraft #pagansofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #witchlife

Here is the Apricot Sage (Semolina) bread I make every year for Lughnasadh (the bread that inspired my candle of the same name) - if you want to make your own, go to @pamplemousseconfectionery and scroll back to July of 2017 - you will see a whole series of photos/instructions. I’ve scaled the recipe back to home amounts so you don’t even need to do any math, just get a sage starter going. 🧡This bread is particularly delicious with salads and spicy things like peppery nasturtiums/goat cheese etc.... I also bake it in a loaf pan around Thanksgiving for stuffing - enjoy! 🌻🌻🌻

Planning our vacation for the fall, reminiscing about this #bucketlist item I checked off two years ago off the coast of #BigIsland #Hawaii: meeting a #mantaray or #hahalua. When I imagine my patronus, it's a manta. How about you?

Beginning plans for my next #paganholiday coming up. I’m very excited. ✨🌽 #wheeloftheyear #lughnasadh

Bring on the Lunar love! 🌙💗 July 25 🌙 Women's Lunar Yoga, Meditation, and Song Circle celebrating Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Maple Bay). Yoga 🔗 in bio 🌕 🌕 Aug 3 🌙 Women's Moon Lodge celebrating Lammas (Victoria) 🔗 in bio. 🌾 🌻 Aug 8 🌙 Women's Moon Lodge celebrating Lammas + Super New Moon (Maple Bay) 🔗 in bio. 🌑 🌑

Lughnasadh will be available all throughout the Fall/Winter season - the scent of freshly baked Apricot Sage bread (super yum) is based on a bread I make every year for the holiday (that I shape like a sunflower) if you’re interested, go to @pamplemousseconfectionery and scroll back a bit - you’ll see a series of instructions/photos so you can make your own 🌻🌻🌻

Treat everyone you interact with today like they matter. Repeat tomorrow. And the next day. And then forever. ::: @iamginagomez was our guest on The Kate & Mike Show this week talking about critical thinking and having difficult conversations. ::: She’s been called the “Olivia Pope” of the personal development world and she basically helps people who screw up publicly. ::: I asked her all my dicey questions about how to stay in conversation about important issues like racism, privilege, and politics in public without doing harm (and what to do when you inevitably screw up). ::: We also talked about how to have the tough conversations that are part of being human (and when to not have them) and way more. ::: Listen in at the link in my bio. (https://goo.gl/CQ2QBr) ::: What’s one way you can treat people like they matter this week? Give me your ideas in the comments!

#Lammas | #Lughnasadh The 1st of August brings us Lammas in the northern hemisphere. The first Harvest festival, of three! Lammas also meaning (”loaf-mass”) and indeed, this holiday is celebrated as a festival of bread, beer, and other mysteries of the grain. Lughnassadh means “the commemoration of Lugh” (Great Sun God) While the hottest days of summer are just before us, magic is all around us. Take time to relax and enjoy the sun, a time to start to look inward and reflect, it is a time to renew and regenerate our spirit. ≈ Depending on your individual spiritual path, there are many different ways you can celebrate Lammas, but typically the focus is on either the early harvest aspect, or the celebration of the Celtic god Lugh. It's the season when the first grains are ready to be harvested and threshed, when the fruits are ripe and we're grateful for the food we have on our tables. ≈ I’m so excited for Lammas—when we’re in the full throes of summer heat, and the fruits of our physical and spiritual crops have begun to ripen with possibility 🌾🌾 cleanse and make way to receive the full bounty of your sacred intentions. ≈ The air is alive with energy. This is a time for changes to be made, or realized. However, this energy can have a bit of a wild streak and be quite persistent. It is also a great time for divination. Do you scry in water, read cards, dowse with a pendulum, gaze into a crystal ball, interpret tea leaves, gaze into fire, listen to the wind, or maybe seek within for the deepest answers you can find? As the wheel turns and we count our greatest blessings tis a lovely witching~hour for such divinations and then some! ≈ In reading Llewellyn's Sabbats Almanac, The Feast of First Loaves by Kenny Klein, I am very intrigued to learn of the ancient tradition known as 'Calling the Pagans Home'. A tradition where we send our energies out to those that may be seeking their path, but have yet to find it. What a wisened way to celebrate the first of the harvest celebrations. #eclectic #pagan #wheeloftheyear #harvest #light #lughnasa #lugh #celtic #gaelic #witch #lifetimes #witchesofinstagram #goddess #feast #grain #sacred #ancient #yeold #mastery #gratitude 🧡

Daily pulls today got me a little worried 😰 The inverse Two of Swords for the #tarot: a choice, where none of the options are good. Conflicting opinions. Trying to find the lesser evil. The Ship in the supporting #lenormandcards represents a journey, and The Snake can be positive or negative... shrewd and cunning, or a seductive liar. #tarotreadings #druidcrafttarot #celticlenormand ⚔️⛵🐍

There’s nothing like wheeling into pre-op with a smiley 3 month old to keep everyone happy and being their best selves. ::: Everything went smoothly yesterday and I’m happy to report I’ve successfully completed Ruby’s birth cycle and am feeling awesome. ::: It’s not lost on me that I had to go in for a D&C for a retained placenta almost 3 months past Ruby’s birth to the day. While a ceremony to mark the end of the 4th trimester that didn’t include General Anesthesia would have been easier, this one was indeed powerful! ::: As someone who leans heavily on the side of alternative medicine and healing modalities in general, I can’t help but remain also in deep gratitude for the amazing people who show up every day in hospitals and doctors offices to help strangers heal in the traditional medical system. ::: Yes the system has issues. Yes we have work to do. But I can’t help but acknowledge the angels who choose this work because it ain’t easy. ::: Thanks for all of your well wishes. I appreciate all of them. I feel super energized and will be riding this wave of a fresh start as I wind down maternity leave and prep to go back to work (whatever that will look like) in September. ::: If you’re a nurse, doctor, or healer of any kind, I see you, I’m grateful for you, and I think you’re an angel.

Lammas is just a couple weeks away! Our Lammas Altar & Rituals Sets are meant for inside & outside the house. Time to forage & use your harvest in the kitchen, in spell work, or to hang in your home! Then, record your herbal findings with the beautiful Phoenix quill. Only three left in stock & if you spend $100, you receive FREE shipping! 💛shop link in bio💛

🕯💡 Zine de Imbolc 💡🕯 O projeto dos Zines da Roda do Ano já está chegando no final. E dessa vez é hora de celebrarmos Imbolc, nos purificando e abrindo espaço para a primavera e sua energia de crescimento. Nesse zine trago informações sobre a data, espaço interativo para expressão, leitura exclusiva de tarot, além de acesso a conteúdo em video e outras surpresas. Interesse em adquirir um e maiores informações, só enviar mensagem. 🎊 . #zine #art #arte #rodadoano #wheeloftheyear #pagan #witchesofinstagram #witch #wicca #paganzine #creative #arcanodez

Woke up early so that I'd have time to #meditate, stretch, and roll out my aching muscles for recovery 🕉️🧘🏼‍♀️🔵 I finally learned how to use my quads to get the barbell up and they're not happy to awaken from their atrophied slumber 😅 I did a #meditation from @themoonsisterhood and it left me feeling very expansive, but peaceful. I'm glad I didn't have a chance to listen to this #guidedmeditation last night, because it was the perfect start to the day! My heart is open and I'm ready to deal with people 😊

Winter is a great time of year for a beach trip for us. We get away from the chilly mountain temperatures and enjoy the warmer weather with crisp air and cool water. It’s been unseasonably warm 23C and seems even warmer to us since we’re now acclimatised to the mountain weather. I tend to refer to the city and suburbs as ‘the summerlands’ at this time of year now! Times and reasons for travel can be a part of our wheel if the year too. #winter #winterbeach #beachescape #deewhy #deewhybeach #druidsdownunder #australiandruidry #naturediary #seasons #wheeloftheyear