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Leopard Descent . Finally the rains are here and for the last month it has been lashing incessantly filling up the bone dry waterholes to the brim , the backwaters have entered the forest and the dry parched landscape has been completely transformed with growth of green vegetation. What a relief it has been after the harsh summer. The rains and the greens was something I was looking forward to as it gives a lovely punch and vibrance to the images, where you can make interesting images of any subject in the lush greens. The cat sightings are low but whenever you do see one it is magical. . This was one of those days where you have lost complete hopes of even seeing a herbivore in the heavy rain and then BANG!! . There he is on his favourite tree weathering the storm by taking cover under the big leaves of the teak tree. He moved all around the tree to find the best spot and finally decided it was enough as the rain got heavier and descended spectacularly late in the evening, the moment I had been waiting for. The drenched camera and me was certainly worth it. . . Picked from the beautiful gallery of @mithunhphotography . . . . . . #animallovers #animalpolis #animalsofinstagram #igscwildlife #animales #exclusive_animals #wildlifephoto #wildlifeaddicts #wildlifephotography #animalworld #awesomeglobe #animalofinstagram #animalsmood #wildlifeonearth #wildlifeplanet #thecritterhaven #animalsaddict #planet_of_animals #wildlife_seekers #animal_in_world #landscapelovers #unitedstatesofamerica #igersusa #loves_united_states #americandream #unlimitedusa #nikonphotography #nikontop #nikon_photography_ #travelasset

I woke up like this 😹😻

Raise your paw if you’re excited for Friday too?! 🐾

Look at those lil faces!😍 Go read my newest blog post (link in bio) to see more of these guys and more of my travel shots to Colorado. 📸🐐⛰️🧗

B wasn't well yesterday. She scratched her face and chin a lot so there are 3-4 scratches on her face and chin. I feel like Jamie here is calling me to help B while I worked.😀📱🐶 Her face and chin look better this morning if she doesn't scratch again. So I put her doggy soft shoes to help prevent her from scratching.

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Thirsty Tree House Thursday 🍻 #rem&drj