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♡ here's my beautiful cat to look what whole I get this off my chest ♡ I'm here to shine a light on the world of the events that have been happening over the past week. It still baffles me how much one will do to get attention because they aren't satisfied by those in their life who tried to help them through it all and love them to the end. We loved you and tried to help you. You faked committing suicide so I would cry over your "dying" body. You faked trying to commit suicide at work to get attention from people and inconvenience everyone's day. Hey buddy if you really wanted to you wouldn't have done it where people can save you. Also to the people who know who this is, he confessed to me that he had faked it all for your attention. He confessed he doesn't actually want to die, he just wants attention in any way he can get it. He confessed every time he's "tried" it was all just an act. He confessed that he used what had happened to him as a young kid to get attention. He admitted he is not affected by it. He admitted he tried to ruin his best friends relationship because he wanted to sleep with me despite having a girlfriend who loves him unconditionally. He knew from the day we met I liked his best friend and wanted so bad to he with him but he is a selfish prick and wanted me to himself despite having a partner for a very long time and despite me and his friend both having feelings for each other. He is selfish and manipulative. If he has done any favors for you or has helped you in anyway, run, because he will use it against you and make you feel like you owe him. For years all he's done is brainwash and manipulate his friend and girlfriend and they admitted if I didn't come along they would never have seen the light so I want to do that for everyone else that knows this misogynistic bastard. Blame me for ruining your life, I don't care. Put me on blast again, I don't care. The things you have done and said to me / about me are things that still fuck with my head to this day, but I swear to you if you ever talk shit about my unborn child ever again I will hunt you down my friend. This is not a post to start shit. This is a post for the truth.