¡¡¡Feliz vuelta al Sol !!! Sos la mejor, Te amo Emi #cumplefeliz #brotherandsister #snowing

[ Henry , Regina , Snow & Charming ] [7x22] In this scene i really got touched by how regina was so scared if they killed henry and how she really cared about him and i loved seeing ginny and josh back on the show and regina/lana’s smile when she saw ginny and josh is everything❤️ Since today is the 2 month anniversary since once ended i just wanted to say this show has helped me through so much it helped gain hope and every time i’m sad i see an episode and i smile and laugh with them i miss this show with all my heart it may have ended but it is alive in our hearts i miss seeing the lunches at grannys i miss regina’s sass i miss how snow interrupts hook and emma i miss those sweet moments between henry and regina i miss those nice and touching family moments i miss the romance in the show i miss it all... i miss this show so much i would do anything to see one more episode❤️ @lparrilla @joshdallas #ginnifergoodwin @andrewjwest #longliveouat #henrymills #reginamills #snowwhite #charming #david #snowing #regalbeliever #evilcharming #ouat #lanaparrilla #evilregals #joshdallas #andrewwest

What a great place to see snow for the first time in your life...especially when it’s your birthday! . That’s how it was just the other day for when she headed up to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania’s northwest. . Thanks for tagging your adventures with #tassieroadtrippers so we could share!