Again, I always hate how ig makes you crop pics when you upload multiple. It's really annoying. Thai food at Thai Kitchen by the Sea. First time having thai iced tea with #tapioca pearls. This is definitely something I've never tasted before and therefore cannot compare it to anything to help you get a better understanding of it if you havent tried it before. It's really sweet, almost syrup-y and I would definitely recommend giving it a try at least to know what it's like. So I always thought tapioca was like filled with a liquid of sorts but they're just soft sticky..globs lol. At least I can cross two things off my list at once. With respect to the food, the portions are really small and the items themselves are tiny (I took the pics close up, I regret not putting something for reference). An entire springroll was prob like the size of a mini snickers bar, not kidding..AND THEY CUT THEM IN HALF. I meaaaan, come on. They were good and the dumplings as well but that's just not okay. The pad thai was actually really sweet compared to the ones I've had in Trinidad and I can't say I prefer it like this..but that's because I don't like sweet food. Otherwise, it was pretty standard. The place is really nicely situated, opposite the beach, and cutely decorated with little seagulls hanging from the ceiling and other nautical themed things but I'd say they need to up their portions for sure because they're not exactly cheap. #foodies #foodphotography #foodporn #foodienation #nyc #nycfood #foodie #food #thai #icedtea #rockawaybeach #arvernebythesea #newyorkcity

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