This is my first project to test out my knowledge of C++ and OpenGL. I decided not to use Box2D, because that would make things a bit too easy, so I made a simple, although inefficient physics engine. It works...uh...95% of the time. 😅 Based on my current knowledge, my current collision detection setup is one of the most basic ways to handle it. The game reads TMX files, so adding custom levels is as easy as Super Mario Maker. My drive for wanting to work on this is waning, but I've finished all of the difficult, fundamental stuff. The rest is inplementing enemy behavior, underwater stuff, more auto-movement stuff for "cutscenes", Sprite Batching to cut down on texture swaps, etc. I'll finish it eventually. I ported it to the Vita...kinda. Vita2D made it too easy tbh. I took a break to work on 3D stuff. It's a little bit too floaty, and that level complete sequence needs some tweaking, but those are easy fixes. I'm more concerned with patching physics oversights. And also, it is 60 FPS, but Instagram doesn't support it so...🤨

Training in the rain/sun😬Loving this new training cycle taking it day by day🙃 @kizentrainingofficial --------- Pull Power Day -3x8 DB row @ 90 -3x7 (should've been 8) weighted pull ups +25lbs -4x7 seal rows (subbed from chest supported rows thanks to @jaymtorres13) @ 135 -And then finished with 21 styled bicep curls, which is 7 from start to mid-way, another 7 from mid-way to top and then 7 full ROM🙏 god help the bicep pump after this😝

Great way to introduce the bench press movement to young adolescent athletes. The use of the band not only adds an external load to the bar/ dow stick but also promotes core stability and control throughout the movement. We currently use this as a progression exercise for our novice/beginner lifters at MHPA. • • • • #strengthtraining #benchpress #school #students #gym #development #programming #progression #barbell #highschool

Before and After of my battlestation! . 🎉 Definitely progress towards my goal of a battlestation and home office setup. 🎉 . #battlestation #dualmonitor #corsair #womenintech #steammachine #coding #gaming #funkopop #programming #womenwhocode

Just finished the sounds now learning the keys parts of this song #thismazinggrace. (Don’t mind mistakes) use Headphones 🎧 #mainstage #abletonlive #imnopianist #programming #templates

Mi cara de I am happy but I NEED COFFEE ☕️ @freecodecampba PH: @annabellapavlic #freecodecampba #freecodecamp #aerolab #camper #programming #community

It's been a very long time coming, but I've finally got a foot in the door and am going to start doing what I want to be doing for a career. Couldn't be happier with what's starting! #togodbetheglory #robotics #programming