Personal Post | Today 11 years ago we were married in Las Vegas, him and I. It was this super spontaneous action where we woke up in the morning and truly had not the slightest idea of us being married in the evening. We had our two girls (five and eight at the time, the third not even in the making ;)) with us when we said ‘I do’ in the Little White Chapel. And we promised them that one day they’ll understand that despite of not wearing these cute dresses they were our most beautiful, perfect little brides maids on our most beautiful, perfect wedding day (in jeans). We wouldn’t want to have done this differently. And I believe that moments like these are the reason that after almost 26 years him and I are still deeply in love with eachother. I won’t say we are the perfect couple, I won’t say that there weren’t moments that our little ‘pact’ was about to collapse. And I even still don’t dare promising us to be together forever. Cause people change over the years and sometimes it’s just such hard work not to lose each other in the process called life. But on this beautiful day we’re here, celebrating we’re here together. Standing strong and in love and that’s a gift I’d like to treasure. Today more than yesterday en hopefully tomorrow more than today. Happy 11th anniversary to us, my love . Photocredits: Kim Korsten @Blissandbeyond. So happy that we booked this session with her. Our one and only photoshoot in 26 years. Just the two of us. #postthepeople #documentyourdays #dearphotographer #our_every_day_moments #thelifestylecollective #thesincerestoryteller #26yearstogether #loveisabattlefield #loveyoumore #relationshipgoals #foreveryours #birthdaygeboortefotografie


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lol they made a real life version of the emoji ⛩⛩⛩

1st day of Spring 2017.