✈ ЛЕТИМ НА КИПР ☀ 📍 Пафос, AVLIDA 4*, вылет 5 июля, 7 нч / 8 дн, завтраки и ужины - 53 000 руб за 2 взрослых. 📍 Ларнака, CROWN RESORT HENIPA 3*, вылет 3 июля, 7 нч / 8 дн, завтраки и ужины - 53 000 руб за 2 взрослых. 📍 Лимассол, NAVARRIA 3*, вылет 3 июля, 7 нч / 8 дн, завтраки и ужины - 59 000 руб за 2 взрослых. 📍 Айя-Напа, TSOKKOS HOLIDAY HOTEL APTS 3*, вылет 2 июля, 7 нч / 8 дн, завтраки и ужины - 60 000 руб за 2 взрослых. 📱8 (4832) 377-120, 8 (920) 855-9009. 🏢 Ул. Калинина 98А, офис 310.

The Kuang Si Falls is a spectacular 60m high waterfall. It's composed by many shallow pools on different levels, which are connected by beautiful cascades. The turquoise water made me fall in love with this place. We were allowed to swim in most of the pools, and we even found a hidden pool just for ourselves where we could overlook all the other levels. It was stunning! 🌞

Todas las mañanas son una aventura distinta por acá 🌳 #ItIsBetterOutside

Half-timbered heaven. #lapetitefrance #reflexiones

Picking out which boat we’ll sail away into the sunset with. That one in the back will do 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️ . Remember to tag all your travel photos with #TheTravelLeague to be a part of the @LeagueTravels community. We love seeing what you’re up to all around the world! . #TheTravelLeague #LeaguetravelsxSouthOfFrance #travelbloggers #southoffrance #sof #beautifulmatters #beautifuldestinations #nice

Fluffy Cotton Candy Pamukkale! 🦄☁️ Also loving the quality of my Brazilian bow back swimsuit by @mamedioswim!

I'm in space, I'm in mind, I'm in tune. On a mission until I get inside my tomb and cocoon. When I leave this body, I'll probably set up on the moon🚀

. A Cozy place of rendesvouz. If you like a javanese antique things, this a great place to come. I love the way the owner put everything in place. very old style but also very comforting, The dim light surrounding the place so you couldn't see each other clearly but for sure you can feel their existence....


What a great day with even greater people ❤️

Incredible Transformation 🚐 Photo by @wilddrivelife #projectvanlife