Paris!!! We have arrived. About to get me some charcuterie @lalsacien_restaurant .

“Fefe” Nicki giving me bde ❤️😩😍

I love being a vocabularist to my friends at 5 am in the morning ** I forgot to post at the right time wygdai?

Thanks to Everyone that made today such a great event for All who attended. The awesome guys over at @GayIslandGuide, of course my amazing peeps at @Gay808dotcom - The Many, many bar staff & friends from ALL our fave bars that came to have fun with us ‘on THIS side’ of the bar, everyone’s sponsors/contributors especially, the visitors and of course Willie at @honolulupride - THANKS to ALL!! Our community would not be what it is here in Hawaii without you - ALOHA and Many Mahalo’s for all you do! You ALL Rock!! Cheers David T.

It’s so easy to be happy when you have people all around you that care... just let them in and never judge... I Love you Trev! 😘 #gay808 #gay808men

Type it into Google.