Proud of my friend and client @leslieceeee for putting it out there today! It's been a crazy road to the stage all these years from NPC to INBF and I'm looking forward to your new journey of becoming Dr. Cachola 👩‍⚕️ - 📸 Credit @wnbf_philippines

I loved it! Quite similar to The Rosie project if you read it but the main character is a female. Sincere kind lovely read (and a super fast one too)//Понравилась! Похожа на Проект "Рози", если читали, только с женщиной-главной героиней. Очень добрая, местами очень грустная, местами очень смешная, с понятным мне ценностями, с неожиданным поворотами, очень быстро читается, рекомендую #babylexiblog_прокниги

I never chased a dream.. I designed it. 2 year difference between pics. Consistency, repetitive execution and hard work is the key. Get off your ass and work. #workharder🦍


Chest of the gods #workharder🦍