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Fun in sunny Noumea

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Sunrise on this beauty, good fucking morning . @brotherhousings

Et en ce moment on ne visite plus trop, on se contente d'aller de plage en plage, de marcher les pieds dans l'eau, de boire nos dernières cocos fraîches, de lire avec le bruit des vagues, on fait les idiots dans l'eau, on fait trop de resto, on regarde moins le budget, on reste au même endroit, bref on lâche prise ! 🌍 Dans quelques jours, on rentrera, on sait par expérience que ça ne sera pas facile, alors on profite de chaque minute de beau temps ( saison des pluies... ) et on se détend, on accumule les souvenirs joyeux, on regarde le paysage, on prend le temps de vivre, on ne met plus de réveil, on ne passe plus des heures dans des bus, on se refait une santé avant un retour dont on n'a pas envie ! On reviendra avec de belles images en tête et avec la promesse d'un prochain voyage, parce que malgré les galères on en redemande ! 😂🌍 La photo date du Costa Rica, au parc Cahuita, un coup de cœur pour se parc national avec de belles plages désertes, surtout à cette saison ! 💗 #backpack #backpackwithme #travel #wanderlusting #wanderlust #voyagediaries #traveldiary #couple #iam #tbt #love #vlog #bloggervoyage #youtube #nature #instatravel #nomad #digitalnomad #neverstopexploring #jungle #view #waterfall #intothewild #beach #ocean #pacific #view #visitcostarica #costarica

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Day 49 - Carnarvon (Western Australia): new place, new playground, there is no way of traveling with kids and not stopping at every possible playground! We are now in Carnarvon for 3 nights, which is the only town in Australia where the central desert reaches out to the sea. From the playground we crossed the bridge to Whitlock Island where there used to be a train station stop, Luca kept on wondering where was the train! We then stopped to see the old lighthouse keepers cottage and the railway station museum, right next door is the access to the One Mile Jetty, which was recently closed for unsafe conditions. It was built in 1897 due to the necessity for Carnarvon to develop a port for the town. From the town beach (shot of the kids on the beach) you can see very far out the jetty in the background (it is really tiny in it but is there!). Today we did some grocery shopping, went to the laundromat to get clothes washed, used the store WIFI for some future bookings (yes wifi isn’t everywhere around here) and then some down time to play or read… need these days too, specially when you are always on the go…… Follow our adventures on our blog @ #the5worldexplorers #offtoseetheworld #digitalnomad #digitalnomads #parentswhowonder #travelingtheworld #travelingwithkids #readytoexplore #moments #australia #unlimitedaustralia #Carnarvon #onemilejetty #day48

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What do you think is more powerful to have? A goal or a vision?

🌵 @q.g22 SAGUARO CO. coming soon in Todos Santos for your hostel and fiesta needs🤙🍹 My fourth tattoo💉No mames🤘💫👊🇲🇽We designed it together then scratched it out on an outdoor terrace at sunset🙏☀️This is a saguaro cactus 🌵 which is the name of Qiq’s new hostel business. Blessed he gave me such a prime spot on his arm to practice this craft💉🌴🇲🇽 #cactus #tattoo #ink #cactustattoo #mexico #todossantos #baja #inked #blackwork #diy #artdesign #begginer #digitalnomad #travel #wanderingtattoo

Day 48 - on the way to Carnarvon (Western Australia): after saying goodbye to the dolphins we headed out towards Carnarvon. We stopped many times on the way because the water was so beautiful today! While driving we had many interesting encounters. First we saw the most beautiful parrots. Next we saw a house drive by us! Not the first time but it is always interesting to see! We almost run over a echidna as it was crossing the road, we are so glad we didn’t! We made a last stop in Shark Bay to see a hidden beach and met this little family. They were going to go fish at the end of the beach and they were taking their baby girl in the pack n play so she could be entertained and not wondering, very smart! Then a Osprey flew by us on the road, it was beautiful! We drove over 350 km today half way there we found the only caravan park/cafe/gas station (in the middle of nowhere), where we found out how you can forecast the weather!!!! The scenery changed completely today during our drive, we didn’t see any water after leaving Shark Bay, but a lot of red land with lower bushes. Follow our adventures on our blog @ #the5worldexplorers #offtoseetheworld #digitalnomad #digitalnomads #parentswhowonder #travelingtheworld #travelingwithkids #readytoexplore #moments #australia #unlimitedaustralia #osprey #echidna #Carnarvon #sharkbay #day48