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// I t c h y F e e t // Where will the new✨ week lead you? 🦊🐱 All we really want to do this week is not to go to work😷 and do more spontaneous adventures,🚗🛫🗺️ eat all the carbs🍨🍝🍰 and not get fat,🐷 drink all the booze🍹🍺🍸 without a hangover,😵🤮 have long uninterrupted sleep🛌😴 and occasionally write something.✍🏾Is that too much to ask?🙏🙏🙏 🦊🐱 Wherever your feet👣 lead you today, we hope it leads you back home.👪💖 🦊🐱 Alrighty, we have to carry on👋🏽 and be legendary now.😎😜

Tremendo!!!!! (Vean el original que se escucha perfect)...segundo paréntesis (y se ve perfect jajaja) PD: Atentos a Planet Earth2! #Repost @david_attenborough (@get_repost) ・・・ The most shocking sequence yet? In this stunning and tense clip from #PlanetEarth2, a newly-hatched marine iguana is hunted by a gauntlet of racer snakes. Watch the series so far on #bbciplayer #Galapagos #earthonlocation #earthcapture #davidattenborough

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The bears doing a actual baloo #cute #planetearth2 #junglebook

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Apparently he had some things he wanted to watch on Netflix #planetearth2